We are experts in the design of façades and special structures. Our areas of expertise include a wide range of subspecialties ranging from curtain walls to composites (FRP) and everything in between.

Complete design of Façades and Envelopes. Our design services include:

  • - Architectural Design
  • - Structural, Thermal and Acoustic Calculations
  • - Building Weathertightness
  • - BOQ and Cost Estimation
  • - Witnessing Mockups and Testing
  • - Sustainable Design
  • - Specification Writing

At ESS we are experts in the design of composites (FRP) for all the different kinds of elements. FRP makes a variety of shapes and complex designs possible. Our team of Engineers and Architects have extensive knowledge of composites and can design FRP systems that are capable of withstanding any kind of severe condition.

Maintenance and cleaning systems are essential for Façades and Building Envelope. At ESS we have you covered and we offer the following:

  • -Cleaning and Maintenance System Design
  • -Cleaning and Maintenance Strategies
  • -General Maintenance
  • -Testing and Commissioning

At ESS our incredibly accurate energy efficient design and creative problem solving allow our clients to cut down on costs without compromising quality. We help our clients engage in Value Engineering at all the different project stages.

Our engineers and architects are available round the clock to assist our clients and to ensure a timely execution of their projects. We are here to quickly assist with any necessary measures to ensure that our client’s projects adhere to the highest quality standards.

Our team assists the site team with the construction plan and methodologies and we ensure that the construction is as per our designs. We also supervise the production factories and the testing to ensure that all the material that is being used on our projects is of the highest quality and in accordance with all the international standards.